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I have always loved music and working in and later co-owning a record store has allowed me to aquire a huge music collection which I am constantly adding to. The other day I realized that the only problem is that I have all this music and yet I have never listened to a huge portion of the CDs all the way through. That had to change. From now on I'll be picking a CD everyday to listen to and report back to you guys my thoughts.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You Guys Pick Tomorrow's CD

I just put up a poll with five CDs for you guys to chose from for me to listen to tomorrow. whichever gets the most votes by 10:00 AM tomorrow will get listened to and replaced in the poll. Each day a new CD will be added and I'll listen to the one you guys pick for me. Probably keep this going for a few weeks if I can or until I come up with another way to pick something. Make sure and vote, Cheapsoles.

P.S. If nobody votes I'll pick something but I'm going to keep the poll idea going no matter what the response is. I know, I'm kind of a stubborn bastard ain't I?

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Uptown Sounds

Uptown Sounds
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