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I have always loved music and working in and later co-owning a record store has allowed me to aquire a huge music collection which I am constantly adding to. The other day I realized that the only problem is that I have all this music and yet I have never listened to a huge portion of the CDs all the way through. That had to change. From now on I'll be picking a CD everyday to listen to and report back to you guys my thoughts.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Joell Ortiz - Free Agent

So today's CD was the latest release by Brooklyn emcee Joell Ortiz, Free Agent. Here's the deal with this CD, if your under the age of 25 and don't know the difference between a rapper and a emcee then don't bother to listen cause your just gonna cry and bitch about it being some up top shit and get mad because you might have to actually pay attention to the words of the song. If you happen to like real hip hop and lyrics then this CD is for you. Some of you have probably heard a lot of the songs on here as most have been released already in some form or another. Hell, "Put Some Money On It" has already been released as a remix on the Slaughterhouse EP that came out 2 weeks before this album did. "Call Me" was released last summer and actually got some pretty decent radio and video play. It is also the perfect example of how tho make a radio friendly hip hop song without selling out and losing your core audience. Joell is also 1/4 of the group Slaughterhouse who recently signed with Shady Records. The ironic part of that is that at one point Joell Ortiz was signed to Aftermath Records.

The CD is straight up NY hip-hop with some really great records including the standard DJ Premier track "Sing Like Bilal". The only real misstep on the CD is "Cocaine" which is yet another cliched drug as a female story. The bonus track makes up for though. Highly recommend for grown-ups. Till tomorrow, Cheapsoles

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