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I have always loved music and working in and later co-owning a record store has allowed me to aquire a huge music collection which I am constantly adding to. The other day I realized that the only problem is that I have all this music and yet I have never listened to a huge portion of the CDs all the way through. That had to change. From now on I'll be picking a CD everyday to listen to and report back to you guys my thoughts.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back from Vaction & Listening Again

So I went to Charleston SC this weekend with my lovely wife, sans kiddies by the way, and had a great time. I didn't listen to anything Friday, Saturday, or Sunday except whatever was playing on the '80s, '90s and Backspin channels on XM Radio while we were in the car.  Heard lots of great stuff I hadn't heard in awhile and some stuff I had forgotten about completely. Also realized I have a lot of music from that era I need to listen to and starting tomorrow I will.

Not going to lie to you guys, Monday and Tuesday I spent the day watching TV and catching up on shows and movies on the DVR and didn't even think about listening to anything. But today I had some work to do upstairs hanging some new decks I picked up over the weekend and cleaning up so I went a different route then usual. Instead of picking an album to listen to I grabbed some promo mixcds and advances from back when I had the record store and listened to them instead.

DJ S&S Keith Sweat Mix CD Sampler
"Didn't See Me Coming"
First up was a DJ S&S Keith Sweat mixcd sent to us before his "Didn't See Me Coming" album dropped in 2000. It's a nice little mix with snippets of songs from that album and some hits from his past. The only problem with that is it makes you realize how great Keith used to be and how he didn't really have it anymore at by that point.

D'Angelo Soul Blends
mixed by DJ Mark Ronson
After that I put in D'Angelo Soul Blends mixed by DJ Mark Ronson which was sent out to promote his second album "Voodoo" which came out in 2000. This was a great mixcd with plenty of tracks from Voodoo and Brown Sugar. The only bad thing was it really made me sad that a artist with this much talent and ability can't get his shit together and give us another album. Maybe he'll make a Maxwell like comeback soon and we'll all be amazed.

Mashonda "January Joy" Album Sampler
And lastly I threw on the sampler for Mashonda's never released album "January Joy". For those of you who don't know who Mashonda is, she is Swizz Beatz former wife who he left for that homewrecker Alicia Keys. They also had a child together and she was an artist on his Full Surface Records label. The only full song on here is "Back of the Club" with snippets of 5 other songs. Kanye West and Jadakiss are each featured on a song and judging from the sampler this would have been a really nice album. As you can see from the pic this album is signed by Mashonda. She did a walk-thru at our store while promoting the album and she was great. Really nice and humble and seemed genuinely glad we liked the tracks and that we wanted to push the album for her. Maybe that's why I don't give Alicia Keys the same pass most women seem to. If Angelina is a slut and homewrecker then so is Alicia. Till tomorrow, Cheapsoles

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